Welcome to ChrodPro Parser


Chord Pro parser is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add lyrics and chords to your songs. It’s based on the ChordPro Format.


  1. Download ChordPro Parser
  2. Upload the zip file to WordPress
    • Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload plugin
    • Click the Choose file button and choose the previously downloaded file
    • Click the Install now button
  3. Activate plugin


Just put your ChordPro formatted lyrics and chords around the following shortcodes [chordpro] [\chordpro].

In order to show transposing controls, just place this shortcode [cordpro-controls] wherever you want. Even inside widgets.

The following code:

[chordpro diagrams="on"]
A[D]mazing Grace, how [G]sweet the [D]sound
That saved a wretch like [A]me
I [D]once was lost but [G]now am [D]found
Was blind but [A]now I [D]see

Renders like this:

ADmazing Grace, how Gsweet the Dsound
That saved a wretch like Ame
I Donce was lost but Gnow am Dfound
Was blind but Anow I Dsee
x132 D 213 G 123 A